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Alexander Ya. Kaplan
Александр Яковлевич Каплан

Professor, D.Sc. (psychophysiology and psychopharmacology), Ph.D. (neurophysiology)

Head of the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces

Department of Human Physiology
Faculty of Biology
M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow 119991, Russia

Tel: +7 (495) 939 13 73
Fax: +7 (495) 939 43 09

Web: http://brain.bio.msu.ru/

Research Projects

Current projects

  1. Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), Grant #1110034 from Skolkovo foundation.
  2. Nonstationarity of EEG. Experimental and theoretical analysis of mechanisms underlying human brain microstates during mental activity and in pathological states. Algorithms and software for the segmental analysis of EEG.
  3. Classification of the EEG patterns based on normal and pathological (schizophrenia) teaching sets.

Previous projects (main topics)

  • EEG assisted neurotropic drug design (new nootropic SEMAX - Government prize first category)
  • EEG-based automatic sleep staging and microstructure analysis
  • High precision EEG processing
  • Fundamentals and applications of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), with emphasis on:
    - two or three-dimensional EEG control of external moving objects
    - instrumental learning for skills acquisition in the BCI framework
    - unconscious mode of neurofeedback

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Alexander Ya. Kaplan

Scientific Interests

Human brain real-time dynamics; theoretical, experimental and practical aspects of electroencephalography, including:

Other Interests and Activities

For more details on research projects, see
Research of the Human Brain Research Group.

Alexander Kaplan received his M.S., Ph.D., and D.Sci. degrees from the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State Universuty (Faculty of Biology), Russia. After spending ten years in the department of Higher Nervous Activity as Senior Research Scientist, he joined Department of Human Physiology, where he became Leading Research Scientist and Professor in Psychophysiology, Head of the Human Brain Research Group and later, Head of the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces.

In 2003, he received Russian Government Science and Technology Prize (the top governmental science award).

PhD Graduates
supervised at Human Brain Research Group by A.Kaplan:

Currently Advised:

Selected Papers

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